Rick Tisi Niagara Falls
Rick Tisi
Creative, Web Architect


Rick, who used to head up the online division – at Chimpanzee – brings with him a varied background in graphic design ranging from magazine and packaging design to online design and strategy. Having developed SpiderMonkey CMS, and the proprietary Modit CMS , Rick has proven himself a great problem solver and an invaluable member of the senior team.

Rick is also an award winning packaging designer. Having a great understanding of the “how to”, has always been a priority for Rick. It is one thing to come up with a great design but another to have it reproduced correctly. Working in a behind the scenes environment has helped develop and nurture the technical know how that Rick possesses.

Previously heading up the IT and Art department of a major packaging company lead Rick’s first love of design and marketing to fuse with his innate ability to understand the language of the ‘geek’. It was this natural ability to think from both the left and right side of his brain, that allowed him to imagine and create such a complex, yet easy to use product like Modit. Modit is the culmination of Rick’s passion for both the artistic and the technical. It is always Rick’s goal to understand the medium, message and the tools that allow those messages to be delivered.

Rick’s personal success has been years in the making. “It is great to finally branch out with a great new team, we care about the clients needs and have the tools and knowledge to navigate through this new landscape”.

Of course, Rick also enjoys his family life as much as possible, whether it is helping his son battle imaginary dragons, or joining his daughter for tea time. Rick always makes time for those he cares about, and infuses the passion he feels for life into the lives of the ones he loves.


Ian MacArthur Profile
Ian MacArthur
Senior Developer


An honours degree from McMaster University (Math and Computer Science) and over two decades of experience in computer software development, makes Ian MacArthur an indispensable member of the Ecko team.

In his past life, he developed commercial EDI applications used by numerous Fortune 500 companies and retail chain suppliers. He also acted as a consultant to these companies regarding their software needs.

Ian is one of those behind-the-scenes work horses - who sets the bar high when it comes to efficiency and productivity. His extensive knowledge and innovative hard work ensure Ecko’s capabilities remain leading edge and compliant.

Ian has an uncanny ability to understand the construction of the seemingly impossible mind maps our customers plot. It is one thing to create web applications, and another to deliver diverse products ready to evolve and adapt to this changing technical environment.

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